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When Audi introduced the Q5, a compact luxury SUV, they sought to redefine the way sophistication and cutting-edge technology are presented to the world. Breaking free from the confines of traditional advertising channels, such as those found in renowned fashion magazines like Vogue, Audi opted for a bold and innovative influencer approach. In a remarkable departure from convention, Lainy Hedaya embarked on a 3-day test drive through the streets of Manhattan, driving in the sleek and luxurious Q5. As her legion of fashion-savvy followers tuned in, they were not just treated to a glimpse of the vehicle but were taken on an immersive journey of discovery. Through Lainey's creative vision, she unfolded technological marvels, showcasing the SUV's immersive 3D surround sound system, a state-of-the-art navigation system powered by Google, and the dazzling brilliance of LED headlights. Audi's ingenious move to leverage Lainy's captivating content proved to be a breath of fresh air and ignited a sense of excitement and curiosity around the Q5. 



For the Valentine's Day #LoveUnconditional campaign, Moet entered into a strategic partnership with Coco and Breezy, a renowned twin DJ Duo celebrated for their insightful #SisterlyLove guidance on Instagram. Coco and Breezy have cultivated a dedicated community founded on principles of love, female empowerment, and sisterhood. The essence of loving unconditionally resonates at the core of the Coco and Breezy brand, rendering them ideal collaborators for this campaign. The twin sisters participated in a comprehensive one-day photoshoot, during which they eloquently shared their perspective on love, in synergy with Moet's Valentine's Day-themed product offerings. This collaboration allowed Moet to establish and fortify trust with Coco and Breezy's audience, a highly engaged and attuned community, who were predisposed to engage in meaningful discussions about love.

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