Kelly Ramsawak Stewart is a talent expert and strategist with over seven years of experience developing celebrity and influencer strategies for globally recognized brands and entertainment initiatives.

Kelly established herself as an agent representing a range of high-profile and emerging talent, including entrepreneurs, musicians, fashion influencers, and photographers. At NEXT, it was her mission to scout and sign diverse influencers, and to facilitate and secure press opportunities. While managing a global roster of more than 35 influencers and celebrities, she produced over five hundred talent endorsements with a spectrum of Fortune 500 brands, including Samsung, American Express, Coach, Nike, and Estee Lauder.

Kelly's career adventure in advertising began in 2018, with a focus on campaign strategy, measurement, creative, and talent procurement. Kelly's work also centers on developing frameworks for social impact and rapid response campaigns, partnering with advocacy organizations focused on human rights, mental health, LGBTQ rights, and racial justice.

Throughout her career, Kelly has developed industry expertise at the intersections of brands, influencers, social ecosystems, and pop culture. With a deep commitment to uplifting diverse voices, Kelly is equal parts creative and strategy, fueled by her mission to inspire individuality and human connection.


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