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Lainy Hedaya

When Audi released the new Q5 model, the brand wanted to highlight the luxury features of the car in an editorial, high-fashion way. Rather than take out an ad in a fashion magazine, they tapped fashion-darling, Lainy Hedaya to test the Q5 in Manhattan during Fashion Week. While testing the vehicle and posting high-quality content, Lainy's audience got the chance to consider the Audi Q5 with its' 3D surround sound system, a navigation system powered by Google and the new LED headlights. Audi was able to leverage Lainy's audience and get the attention of luxury consumers.


Kristen Noel Crawley

Kristen Noel Crawley, a streetwear darling, hosted a styling session for the launch of the Nike x NBA Jerseys at Nordstrom. Although high-fashion and streetwear are often considered different playing fields, Kristen proved to shoppers that the categories actually can be work together if styled correctly. Nike and Nordstrom shot footage of Kristen discussing her personal style, and Kristen helped shoppers in the store pick out pieces to purchase. Chicago media outlets were invited to amplify the collection and encourage locals to shop.

Moet & Chandon

Coco and Breezy

For Valentine's Day, Moët tapped diverse influencers from different industries to encourage audiences to #LoveUnconditionally. Coco and Breezy, a twin DJ duo who regularly give #SisterlyLove to fans, were the perfect duo to join the campaign and generate awareness of Moët's Valentine's Day themed products. Through a brand-produced shoot, the final video sparked social conversations on romance, self-love and the importance of sisterhood.

Hewlett Packard

Zanita Whittington

Zanita Whittington was invited among an elite group of talent to accompany Hewlett Packard to The Vogue Forces of Fashion Conference. This one-day event included guests such as Rihanna, Virgil Albloh, and more. Zanita, a photographer by trade, got a chance to learn about HP's latest product, the Sprocket 2 in 1, which is the newest camera designed to print photos in sticker format. Zanita documented the entire conference using the product, snapping memories that become tangible in real-time.



Vashtie's life is non-stop. She is a DJ, music video director and fashion insider with a sporadic sleep schedule. That's why she parntered with LG for the launch of their smart watches, the LG Watch Sport and the LG Watch Style. Through social media and an intimate event with press, Vashtie was able to showcase how she uses the watch to get subtle reminders to stay on schedule when she's traveling from city to city.


Jenny Lopez

In an effort to raise awareness of Sephora's new partnership with JC Penney, Jenny Lopez was tapped to create content featuring the new beauty technologies offered at the Miami store location. Inside the Sephora, Jenny tested the beauty-tech, as well as the bold colors with a makeup artist. It was an experience that focused on skincare and beauty trends. Not only did Jenny document the experience on social media, but she inspired fans to check out the Sephora which resulted in an uptick in sales.

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