Kelly Ramsawak Stewart

Kelly is a talent relations expert with over seven years of experience developing celebrity and influencer partnerships with globally recognized brands and entertainment initiatives. She developed industry expertise at the intersections of fashion, pop culture, and social ecosystems and holds a deep commitment to uplifting diverse talent. She is equal parts creative and strategy, fueled by her mission to inspire human connection and produce meaningful content.

In 2016, Kelly established herself as a talent agent representing a range of high-profile and emerging talents, including entrepreneurs, musicians, fashion influencers, and photographers. At NEXT Models, her mission was to scout and sign diverse talent and secure endorsement opportunities. While managing a global roster of more than 35 talents, she produced over five hundred endorsements with a spectrum of Fortune 500 brands, including Samsung, American Express, Coach, Nike, and Estee Lauder. 

Kelly's career in advertising began in 2018, focusing on influencer campaign strategy, management, and measurement. With time spent at entertainment agencies like United Entertainment Group and international ad shops like R/GA, she continued to work across global brands with talent and influencer budgets ranging from $200K to over $1M. Her projects included multinational consumer goods company Unilever and food company, General Mills.

Photo by Alice Prenat

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing protests against police brutality and racism, Kelly felt inspired to pivot away from paid endorsements and focus entirely on empowering celebrities and influencers to use their star power as an instrument of service. Now are Partners In Health, a global health and social justice organization, Kelly is harnessing the power of diverse, influential voices to help share PIH's story, mission, and work. She is responsible for establishing the organization's first ambassador and influencer marketing programs, tapping talent with genuine interest and activism in health equity, justice, and intersectional topics such as women's rights and racial equity.