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Why Influencers Need Talent To Succeed

Ramsawak started her career in television before moving to social media and marketing, where she discovered that clients were moving away from mainstream celebrities to “normal” people with social followings. “There was a shift toward partnering with digital influencers who were more relatable, and it made sense. I’m more inclined to take the recommendation of someone who is approachable than the recommendation of a celebrity or a millionaire,” she said.

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Though the rise of influencers has democratized digital marketing, agencies still provide proficiency and experience for both brands and influencers. Kelly described this in detail: “Agencies can provide influencers with guidance. We know if things change or if brands want to change the messaging.”


Agencies, and specifically people like Kelly and Carol, can go to bat for an influencer when need be. Their keen awareness of both sides of the process helps inform their decisions, and they use that knowledge to protect influencer creativity and clarify a brand’s campaign goals.